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The Only Series


Several years after a tragic event, Samantha still finds herself unable to get close to others. The slightest bump into someone makes her cringe and she avoids handshakes as much as possible. She can't even touch her close friends and family. It seems she will never be able to overcome that terrible, life-changing day. Until one day, she sees a man that may change everything for her. This man seems so familiar and without even thinking it through she has an undeniable urge to touch him. Where does she know him from?

Will this handsome stranger be able to help her to become the person she was before?


Getting a promotion at her job is the best thing that could have happened to Michelle. Not only does she deserve it but it also takes her out from being directly under her current boss, Bryce. Although being under him could have its merits. She’s had this insane lust for him for months and she can’t figure it out. He’s so hot but he’s giant pain in her backside. He’s been nothing but rude and emotionless with her the whole time she has worked for him. She pushes it to the back of her mind until one day, she finds out the he also has the hots for her. She wants to trust him but past relationships have taught her that men lie to get what they want.

Bryce had held his desire for Michelle in check for the whole year since he had hired her. Then one day, he just happened to overhear that she might not hate him as much as he thought. Deciding that it’s time to get back in the game after a family tragedy that kept him from getting close to anyone, he makes his feelings known.

Can the two of them navigate a relationship when neither one is ready to trust?


Twenty-three year old Emma Hilson has worked for BCD Securities for three years. And in those three years she has never taken a vacation because her bosses rely so heavily on her for the day-to-day operations. But now she is taking a week off to hit the beach and maybe find a hot guy to hook-up with. Only problem, she keeps comparing them all to her gorgeous and totally off-limits boss, Colin.

Colin thought Emma was taking a quiet vacation to relax. He was shocked to find out that her plans included sex with strangers. Emma was his, at least in his mind, and there was no way he was letting some other guy have her. Hopping on the first flight he can, he heads to the Bahamas to finally tell her how he feels.

Colin can only pray that Emma feels the same way about him as he does her.


For the second time in months Sophie Klein is forced to move to a new place. The first time was when her boyfriend broke up with her and this time her friend just up and left with no notice. Thanks to a generous friend, she has a halfway furnished apartment just waiting for her. What she didn’t expect was to wake up to a man in her bed on her first night in her new place.


Kevin Reed is exhausted. The last three days of his life were spent fixing a problem that was caused by his own idiocy and all he can think about is getting to his sisters old apartment and falling into bed. But his plans take a turn when he finds out the apartment is already occupied.


Unbeknownst to their friends, Gretchen and Steve have been secretly seeing each other. But when Steve gets more attached than what Gretchen anticipated, she flees the city for the comfort of her childhood home. She hides herself away from not only Steve but also from her friends until she finally comes to the realization that the very thing she ran from – love – might just be the only thing worth running towards.


But will Steve be there to catch her?


Grab all 5 books in the Only Series in this one edition!

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