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Ground Rule


Celia Mullen has a secret. 


One she’d kept from Kyle Dulanay since the day she’d broken his heart eight years ago with heinous lies. 


Now he’s back and it’s time to tell the truth. Even if that truth means she might lose her daughter. 


Kyle never got over Celia. He’d tried. Oh did he try. So running into her at a friend’s wedding was a shock. Along with how possessive he felt watching her dance with another man. 


Not on his watch.


Then she drops a bomb. One that should make him hate her. 


Only, hating Celia was almost impossible. She might have broken his heart and lied to him, but he wasn’t sure that was enough to drown out the love that still lived inside him. 

Zara Dewan liked sex.


What she didn't like were relationships.


She'd never been in one, nor did she plan to.


From her job as a sports agent, to her friends, to the no strings attached sex, she liked her life as it was.


There was just one problem. Noah Ashe.


She told herself over and over that she didn't want him. The only problem was, she wasn't sure he got the memo.


Since the moment Noah had walked in on Zara naked on his couch, he'd had a thing for her. A big thing.


The problem was, she despised him. Vehemently.


One night, all that changed. One kiss led to more and soon Noah wanted it all from her.


What would it take for each of them to sacrifice a little of themselves for love?

Heath Bailey has a good life.

He plays professional baseball for a living, his team just recently won the championship, and he has amazing friends and family.

What he doesn't have is someone he loves.

There is one woman he can't seem to get off his mind, though.

In an attempt to see her, he decides to get a dog from the shelter she runs.

That one decision changes his whole life.

Grace Dyer met Heath when he was part of an event she planned for the animal shelter. She instantly disliked him. Cocky, arrogant, and unwilling to do the simplest tasks.

Or so she thought.

After seeing him again, she can't get him off her mind, and she's not sure she wants to.

Except, she has to. They are from two different worlds, and a relationship would never work. Or could it?

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