The Beckmeyer Family

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Barrett Beckmeyer lived his whole life knowing what he wanted. He wanted to be outside, on the lake at his family’s resort. Fishing was his life. In the summer, in the winter, it didn’t matter. He loved it. He didn’t know anything was missing.

Until Eden.

One night with her and nothing was the same.

Eden Craig wasn’t looking for more than a night of fun. That was all Barrett was supposed to be. One night and then forget him. Only forgetting him was impossible. And when she’s asked to be the lead architect on an addition at Maple Ridge Resort, she knows avoiding him will be inevitable.

She was hooked from the second he sat down next to her, but did he feel the same?


Nina Beckmeyer had been in love since she’d been sixteen. There was just one problem. The guy had no idea. After spending two summers and countless weekends with her family, Donovan Stewart was gone in the blink of an eye. All these years later, she’s doing just fine even if all her dreams are of a man she knows she can never have.

Until he shows back up.

Donovan has loved Nina since the moment he saw her thirteen years ago. It happened in a flash and has never gone away. But she’s his friend’s sister and there is no way Emmett would be okay with them together.

Or would he?

When he arrives in town as a favor to Nina’s family, the same spark of awareness that had been there so many years ago, is even stronger. Donovan knows it’s now or never and he’s not willing to settle for never.

Is the love they each secretly felt all those years ago, a love that is real?



Emmett Beckmeyer had always been what most people would call stable. He came to work every day at his family’s resort, did his job, had just the right amount of fun, and gave good advice. That all changed after a small fire in the newly added spa where his sister and the electrician were trapped. 


Since that moment, nothing has been the same. Maybe it was the fire telling him life was short or maybe it was the gorgeous, sexy electrician, Morgan, who he couldn’t stop thinking of. 


He wanted her badly but knew from past experience that women weren’t looking for long term when it came to him.


Something that had held him back long enough.


Morgan’s life was a mess. She’d moved to the small Wisconsin town of Lyden to meet her real dad and from there, her life had been twisted every which way but up. After the fire, she was having a hard time sleeping and dealing with all that was on her plate. The very last thing she needed was to be having dreams about Emmett Beckmeyer, the man who saved her from the fire. 


He despised her, or at least that’s what she thought.


Until a party at his parent’s house where that all changed.