Rockstar Romance

The Right Note

Part of the Big City Heat Anthology

After years of being on the road with her boss and best friend who just so happens to be a huge country music star, Eliza is ready for something different, something more normal. Needing a home base, she lands in Chicago where her home is also her office. As she works, she starts hearing beautiful violin music through the floor and begins to crave the sound. 


Until one day it stops


Henry is a professional musician and lives in the apartment under Eliza. He has no clue she can hear his music each day as he plays. But when he loses his creative mojo and stops playing, all that changes.

That is until Eliza knocks on his door to ask why the music stopped.

For days they leave Post-Its on each other's door to communicate until they finally hook up. And then hook up some more. Until they fall in love.

Pick Me

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