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The heat is rising...

I've been so busy the last six months, that I've failed to keep you updated on what's going on in my world. With Covid taking over, my family and I have spent most of our time at our house which gave me plenty of time to write. Since March I have written and published 6 books. A 7th will be written by the end of the year, but not published until early 2021. I now have 3 complete series along with a standalone, a prequel to that standalone that's in a anthology and a holiday novella. For a complete list, go to the books tab on my site.

I have also re-covered most of my books to, hopefully, show what is on the inside. While my books are always sweet, they are also hot. Full, open door sex scenes. If you like instalove with a side of dirty, my books are for you.

I'm currently working on my 4th series titled, The Beckmeyer Family. The Beckmeyer's are 4 siblings, (3 guys and a girl) who live and work in Northern Wisconsin. Their family owns a resort and each of the adult children, have taken over one aspect of the resort. Book 1, Hooked, will be out in mid-January.

Other than that, my life is a crazy mix of having my kids home for remote learning (hopefully they go back in January), dealing with a senior and all that comes with it, sports and all that comes with it and staying healthy.

Enjoy your holidays and keep reading!

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