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Steamy excerpt from First Touch!

Shane and Allana were hot and heavy from the very beginning of this book. Here is a taste (clears throat) of what you'll get when this book releases on February 8. Pre-order your copy now!

Super NSFW.

“If you wanted, I could give you another lesson.” Say yes. Please fucking say yes.

“This probably isn’t smart,” she said. Was it his imagination or was she closer. “We don't need this complication.”

“You’re right.” His other hand, the one that wasn’t holding hers, landed on her leg. Her bare leg, thanks to her skirt. “I definitely shouldn’t push you back on your couch and put my head between your legs.” His hand trailed to the inside of her leg.

She was breathing heavily, the rise and fall of her chest like a damn metronome to his dick. Up, down, up, down, up, down. The steady rhythm calmed him and, at the same time, told him Allana wanted him. “If you don’t want this, tell me to stop and I’ll walk out that door right now.”

Her eyes hooded as his fingers moved higher up her leg until they were under her skirt, only inches from her hot, wet pussy. He stopped, needing her answer, badly wanting her to beg him to keep going.

“Nothing more than your mouth on my pussy,” she whispered and while a part of him died a little inside because he really wanted more than that, he readily agreed.

“Same as last time.” He pushed her backward until her back hit the pillow behind her. Her legs parted of their own accord, making his mouth water. “Tell me, Allana, are you wet thinking about my mouth on you?”

She nodded. “You’re going too slow.”

“Tell me what you want.” He pushed her skirt up her thighs revealing her panties. Panties that had a large wet spot right where he wanted his mouth.

“Put your mouth on me.”

He chuckled. “You’re getting better at this.” He moved his thumbs inward, stroking over the edges of her panties. “It’s always good to ask for what you want.”

Her eyes darkened. “Shane, please.”

She was so fucking sexy when she begged and he loved it when she said his name. He wanted her to know who was about to make her come harder than she’d ever come before. And unlike last time, he wanted to hear all her moans and sexy little sounds.

In one move, he pulled the panties from her body, pushing her legs even wider. Wide enough for his shoulders to settle between her legs. Her pussy was wet and glistening in front of him. The first time they’d done this, it had been darker and he hadn't taken the time to appreciate her.

This time would be different.

Or so he thought until his mouth touched her pussy.

That one touch sent him into a freefall of need. He’d planned to go slow, to savor her. Instead, he devoured her. His tongue lapped up all her juices as she moaned and whimpered above him.

“Oh god, yes.” Her hands found his head, her fingers gripping his hair. That only spurred him on more.

He zeroed in on her clit, brushing over it once, twice, and then sucking it into his mouth. Her hips came off the couch, her body pressing deeper into his mouth. It wasn’t long before she trembled and her orgasm rolled through her body.

He didn’t stop.

One wasn’t enough. He wanted to make this woman come over and over again and he wanted her to say his name when she did so.

He lapped up her juices gently, letting her regain her senses a little. “Next time, say my name when you come.” He traced his index finger down her center, pushing it just a little inside her.

Her body clenched around him squeezing tightly, and he wished like hell that it was his dick inside her.


She might think she only wanted his mouth on her pussy, but soon, she’d be begging for more. And he couldn’t fucking wait.

He fucked her with his finger as his tongue swirled around her clit. She was panting heavily and her fingers tightened in his hair.

“I’m gonna come. Oh god, Shane, I’m so close.”

Like a mad man, he finger fucked her and ate at her until she shouted his name and practically made him bald from her grip in his hair.

Who needed hair when he could have Allana coming on his mouth?

Lifting his head, he swiped his hand across his lips, feeling her wetness on his face. When she opened her eyes, he brought his fingers to his lips, tasting her once again. What he wouldn't give to move up her body and kiss her. Would she be grossed out, would she like it? His dick was so hard at the thought that he was sure he was about to bust through the seams.

“Can I taste?” Her words had him frozen in place.

Did she want him to kiss her?

As if sensing his thoughts, she reached out, grabbing his hand and bringing it toward her mouth. Just when he thought he couldn't get any harder, she sucked his finger into her mouth.

No kiss but this was more fucking erotic. And something he never expected of Allana.

She blew his mind.

She moaned around his fingers. “Sweet.”

Jesus, could this woman get any sexier? He’d been dating all the wrong kinds of women. Women like Allana should have been at the top of his list.

Or just Allana.

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